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Harry Peck

Harry Peck said...

"Simon and Nick have made a dramatic impact in their short time at CURUFC. Myself, the management and the players have been hugely impressed by their attitude and professionalism. In my relatively short, un-illustrious rugby career I have had the privilege of experiencing top level physiotherapy and would place Nick and Simon on a par.

What personally sticks out for me is the atmosphere they create around their work, a personable and infectious passion for what they do has rubbed off on the players around them and helped influence an overall improvement to club culture."

Kevin Pawley - NVH Engineer

"From the moment I walked through the door, I felt as if I was in good hands. Nick had the desire to understand the intricacies of my situation and also my person goals regarding return to full sporting activity.

Once the treatment had started, I was guided step by step through the rehabilitation process and my progress monitored very closely. Every session I had, I could see the progress made since the previous consultation but also understood what the next step was towards a full recovery.

Nick made every effort to ensure I received the correct treatment at the appropriate times during my recovery and was focused on the right treatment for me as opposed to just getting on with a general recovery procedure. It was this detailed approach that encouraged me to return to him for a second time for treatment to another injury."

Emma White - Buyer

“I went to see Physix based on excellent feedback from a friend as to how professional they were and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed! Very knowledgeable and experienced team of people who allowed me to get back to my pre-injury fitness. Being a woman I was daunted by the prospect of having to see a man but, I was pleasantly surprised by how relaxed and comfortable they made me feel, they asked the right questions and most importantly I felt like they listened to me. I then received a tailored treatment programme to get me back to my former self!

Would definitely recommend Physix to anyone that is need of a Physio! You should try for yourself.”

Graeme Fraser - Journalist

“I will be forever grateful I found myself in Simon's care following a cartilage op on my right knee. Months of limping pre-surgery had left me unable to straighten the leg with the hamstring in spasm, shortened connective tissue around the knee and thigh muscle which had all but wasted away. With each session Simon teased out more movement and provided me with an array of bespoke exercises to continue my rehab at home.

Back at the clinic, if I arrived with a new "challenge", Simon found a way to tackle it with cool, considered professionalism. I'd call him an expert in his field, not least the rugby field where in his free time he looks after the toughest sportsmen. That he can also deal with those at the other end of the spectrum, the likes of me for instance with the pain threshold of a nervous kitten, in such a brilliant, friendly and never condescending manner speaks volumes about him.

I've had a lot of physio of late having made it to my creaking 50s. I have never come across anyone with Simon's expertise and bedside manner. He's not only great at his job but great company too, important when treatment stretches into weeks. Simon, I owe you a pint or 19. Many thanks.

Would definitely recommend Physix to anyone that is need of a Physio! You should try for yourself.”

Phil Arnold - Head of Sports Science and PE at Stowe School

"We are very privileged to have Simon and Nick working for us here at Stowe School. They run clinics for the pupils throughout the week and have regular referrals from the school's medical centre. Their manner with the pupils is superb and they work closely with school's GP.

From a sports point of view it is fantastic to have two such knowledgeable and experienced practitioners. As a department, we are now confident to send our athletes to them, knowing they will get a professional assessment and diagnosis and we will receive detailed feedback on the students' situation and what we can do to help with their rehabilitation.

Nick and Simon also offer support with our Elite teams and are currently at every 1st XV match, mic'd up and in contact with our Head Coach. This professional level of support is something which helps us to maintain our standing as one of the best sporting schools in the country."